Since 2003, we have designed and implemented thousands of programs for human development and performance.  This is the core of our business - PEOPLE. Without a strong relationship and trust, results are compromised. 


The  Mission

Provide elite and optimal training, nutrition, and supplemental advice to aspiring men and women that produce uncompromising results.  



If I were only able to recommend ONE Strength Coach in all of St. Louis, that coach would, without hesitation, be Bryan Sauder. Ive gotten the opportunity to know Bryan over the past several years and we’ve crossed paths at many educational seminars and events.
In order to achieve success in this field, you must CONSTANTLY immerse yourself in the deepest recesses of scientific information, ranging from the training science of the old Soviet Union when they were dominating the Olympics, to the latest and greatest breakthroughs in medical technology.
Its not enough to simply know how to count sets and reps, but Bryan truly understands the human body at its deepest level. Plateaus in fat loss, muscle gain, and sports performance happen because some part of your human physiology isn’t working correctly.
It could be a digestive problem, a hormone problem, or an improper movement pattern that causes periods of no progress. Bryan understands ALL of these variables and has a fantastic network of physicians at his disposal to laser focus his resources to the ONE problem that may be holding you back.
I trust Bryan’s expertise so much that I would send my own daughter to him for training; he is TRULY that good at what he does.
Don’t spin your wheels any longer and contact Bryan TODAY to start seeing results.
— Ryan Faehnle, Former Miami University Strength Coach, Strength and Conditioning Consultant, Former Master Course Conductor for the Poliquin Strength Institute

Bryan is a class act and his professional services are no less than 5 star.
— Jared Leeper, Owner of Crossfit BYB, Tualatin Oregon

What We've Achieved

  • First Round Draft Picks NHL
  • Numerous Div 1 and 2 collegiate athletes
  • Rehabilitation of Bilateral Hip Replacements and Knee Replacements
  • Over 200 knees, 100s of backs, and 100s of shoulders rehabbed back to optimal performance
  • Over 25,000 hours of hands on training with Performance minded people
  • AHL and PCHL players
  • Tactical Athletes