Performance isn't just for athletes.  Having your body perform optimally will create opportunities in other areas of life.  Sleep, nutrition, and training will help keep stress down and provide time to do other things that you want out of life.

I had the opportunity to work with Bryan for over 3 years while he worked at St. Louis Center for Functional Medicine. My goal was to get stronger by growing muscle and to increase my stability and overall health. Bryan worked tirelessly to help me achieve those goals. And Bryan helped me recover from a knee replacement more quickly than if I had not been seeing him. Always attentive to how I felt each workout he would adjust exercises based on my situation at the time. I’m in better health today- stronger and more functional- thanks to Bryan Sauder. He’s a Pro.
— John Qualy, Retired Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual
I am confident that the quality of my life has significantly improved since training with Bryan Sauder. Physically, I am stronger, more agile and ultimately in overall better condition. My success in the gym has carried over to life outside of the gym as well. I am more patient, more energetic, and more empowered. In addition, Bryan listens to my goals and makes it his priority that I attain them.
Investing in my health has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
— Beth H