Here's just a small sampling of the athletes we have coached.


Harrison Ivie  Decathlete  University of Arizona

To say I improved is an understatement. My strength in the weightroom was through-the-roof and my body fat percentage dropped from around 7% to 5% in a matter of 2 ½ months. My strength and power gains were not only realized in the weight room, I also had multiple Personal Records (PRs) during the 2016 track and field season. My two biggest PRs were in Shot Put (13.51 meters) and the 60 Meter Hurdles (8.25 seconds). Working with Bryan was a pleasure he’s a great guy and he really knows his stuff!

Emily Valli    Lacrosse   Ohio State University

I came to Bryan my junior year of High School after my first ACL surgery.  After training for awhile my Lacrosse season came to an end with another ACL tear later that year.  Bryan rehabbed me back to be able to play.  Then we worked on getting me ready for Div 1 Lacrosse at Ohio State University.  After a few hard training summers my collegiate career ended without injury.



Clayton Risch  Baseball  Maple Woods CC

Bryan taught me not only the proper mechanics and fluidity of training but how to mentally and physically prepare my body for what the season endures. His training put over 16lbs of lean mass on my frame and corrected my muscular imbalances for the coming seasons.  Personally, I can't thank him enough for all that he has done for myself and my family.